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Angel Twenty-One

“These angels were the antithesis of every dark path she had ever trod down before. Here was only elation. Beauty without question of degree, just do, just be.”

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Angel Sixteen

“There were never any names for the angels. We just numbered them.”

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“I always thought seeing Twinkie soaring up in the heavens was fitting for him. He was a one of a kind cat. I suppose this painting is what he’s doing … Continue reading

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One of the Ladies (from Triptych) 1997

This is one of the Ladies. Gianaclis’ Triptych. The Ladies are beautiful, they are seductive and they are all and they are one.

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 As a younger painter Gianaclis was a maverick, very meticulous, very precise. She said the ruffles on a copy of a portrait by Peter Paul Rubens was the most difficult thing … Continue reading

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