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Katherine Gianaclis in the Desert

    Dr. James Mann Katherine Gianaclis in the Desert Las Vegas Art Museum – ┬áCurator     The exhibition of these works by the late Katherine Gianaclis, painted in … Continue reading

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Pat Murphy’s Rescue of One of the Last Remaining Gianaclis Murals

Las Vegas is a city of reproduction. You can find the great Pyramids of Giza there, the canals of Venice, a medieval castle and a miniature version of the actual … Continue reading

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The New World

  A lost masterwork. This large oil depicts the myth of Christopher Columbus. Integrating her signature mosaic style, she tells the story of the hopes, dreams and fears of the … Continue reading

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  We will sell certain pieces. Some we have to keep in the collection. A lot of the older work is missing, long gone. Now and then one appears, shows … Continue reading

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“I never knew what to think of this one. It always looked like a weird headed person whose soul happened to be rising up from out of his or her … Continue reading

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Myth and Two Murals

        I remember helping my mother paint her large murals. Sometimes it was in her studio at home and sometimes at a big warehouse. I remember one … Continue reading

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The Symbol of Katherine Gianaclis

This was the logo of the artist Katherine Gianaclis. It is of a woman riding a horse high and proud, through the heavens perhaps.

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Ken White – Las Vegas Review-Journal

        It’s a moment every art dealer and curator in the country dreams of — the discovery of great art by an unknown painter. James Mann, curator … Continue reading

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Marilyn’s Smile

Marilyn’s Smile is one of my favorites and the one that they chose to put on the cover of the local alternative weekly when they did a piece on her. … Continue reading

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Three Children and a Paint Brush

  My mother was a painter, an artist, a good mom. I remember growing up on the front lines of her art. Her long murals stretching the entire length of … Continue reading

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