Katherine Gianaclis

Life and Work


image As a younger painter Gianaclis was a maverick, very meticulous, very precise. She said the ruffles on a copy of a portrait by Peter Paul Rubens was the most difficult thing she had ever attempted. It seemed she had too many artistic styles to really keep track of.  Her early Christian phase was actually quite interesting regardless of whether you’ve dedicated your life to the Christian religion or not, mostly images drawn on paper with black ink or colored markers. Hundreds of magic marker crosses. Images of Kings on Horses in the clouds, the heavens, God! The spirituality of Jesus. She appreciated the great beauty within the mythos, if I may, of the Christian saga. She believed in the cause so kept her Bible store open for 23 years until her paints called to her again.

My Angels! My Angels! You’ve got to see my Angels!

These were the exultant cries of Kathy Gianaclis coming to see her family for a special dinner at the old house in Vegas. She would try to explain the angels that were coming from her unconscious. She simply shone. She was referring to her magic marker drawings, of course, only one of which was ever attempted as a full sized work in oil paints. But how did she love to play with those colors! If you look closely, you would almost suspect that she was trying to be a clothing designer there, just briefly, if you look close enough. She was a fashion model as a young woman. And from L.A. Of course! And she said that her pictures were most likely to appeal to the fragrance sector if ever used for advertising purposes as she knew most popular art or artists would. Clothing design. Fragrances. Beautiful Women. All telling a story one gloriously colorful last time.


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